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Have you been spending your time looking online for septic tank installation companies? Are you located in Swansea, MA? Then today is your lucky day. That’s because our family-owned and operated business provides new septic tank installation or septic tank replacement. And we have the top septic tank repair services in the area!

If recently you’ve been seeing some water right above where the drain field of your septic system is supposed to be, there is a problem. The same thing goes for if there seems to be a terrible smell coming from somewhere in your backyard. Or if your pipes have seemed to slow down or have started to back up into your home. All of these issues point to one thing: there’s a problem with your septic system. Call us today to get proper assistance!

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New Septic Tank Installation

When you have a malfunctioning septic tank, the groundwater and the surface water, along with anything you have planted in your yard will end up contaminated in no time. Which means that all the nutrients that were in the ground are now overrun by various viruses and bacteria that are harmful to the surrounding environment and to you. There are plenty of causes for a malfunctioning septic tank, but we have a great septic tank repair service that can help you out before it’s too late. So give us a call instead of searching for other septic tank installation companies.

But when it is too late, we also have our septic tank replacement and our new septic tank installation services there to help you out as well. Our professionals have all the necessary experience to repair or replace a septic tank of any size.

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Septic Tank Repair You Can Rely On

It’s time to get serious and stop looking up unproven septic tank installation companies online. Devine Septic Services and our professionals are here to help you with any repair. That, along with any replacement or septic system installation that you may need. Depending on what the current issue with your septic system may be, it’s up to you to decide what the best course of action is going to be. But we’re here to help you make the right decision, and follow through until everything is working properly once again. No matter the task, our family-owned and operated business is ready to help.

If your septic tank has started acting up lately or has started failing completely, it’s time to hire our services. We have the best professionals in the business to help take care of your septic system issues. All you need to do is give us a call. Then you can sit back, while we take care of the rest for you.

Our Testimonials
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    First time using this company. Mike was very friendly. Answered any questions that I had and explained thoroughly. His price... read more - 5/27/2019 

    Colleen Baker AvatarColleen Baker

    Came out today and went above and beyond to fix a issue we had with the lid, pumped out our... read more - 4/27/2019 

    Ana Travassos AvatarAna Travassos

    They're reliable, honest, and does always a great! Glad to have them for our services. - 4/27/2019 

  • Paula Roux AvatarPaula Roux

    I hired Mike @ Devine to complete a 2nd inspection of my septic system after I hired an inspector who... read more - 4/27/2019 

    Brian Hay AvatarBrian Hay

    Last year they did routine maintenance on our tank. They arrive when they said they would, they were... read more - 12/27/2018 

    Wendy Alves AvatarWendy Alves

    First time home owner I was looking for someone to clean my septic tank. I wasn’t sure where the cap... read more - 11/27/2018 

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    Devine was great came within an hour for an after hours emergency call. Mike was very knowledgeable and professional.... read more - 6/27/2018 

    Cory Dillon AvatarCory Dillon

    Devine septic did an awesome job cleaning my system. The owner Mike was excellent to deal with and answered all... read more - 6/27/2018 

    Melisa Roy AvatarMelisa Roy

    Great service, friendly, knowledgeable, great prices. I highly recommend Devine septic! - 6/27/2018 

  • Patricia Oliveira AvatarPatricia Oliveira

    I will high recommend, they are very friendly and knowledge, call last minute and he came right away - 6/27/2018 

    Derrick Silvia AvatarDerrick Silvia

    Called last minute, they were very accommodating and professional. Will definitely use them again. If you don't have a company... read more - 6/27/2017 

Schedule Septic Tank Replacement Today!

Some septic tank issues can be repaired relatively easily. If there’s any water or a bad smell between the tank and the drain field, you may be facing a malfunctioning or a broken pipe. There could just be a part that we need to replace, or the bacteria inside the tank may have died off. All of these issues are easily solvable. But if the drain field has failed, you’ll need to get a replacement for a part or the entirety of the septic system. But our professionals are prepared to handle any and all possible options.

So don’t keep searching for lesser septic tank installation services – give us a call today! And if you’d like to hire our services outside Swansea, MA, we also service Freeetown, Berkley, and surrounding areas.

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